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How do I register as an SME or Supplier

Sign up for our SMEs and Suppliers Program by accessing our exclusive portal for Humane-Biz Companies where you will find all the tools to implement your Human Rights Due Diligence Process according to the highest international standards.

What do I get when I register as a Humane-Biz SME?

How much does it cost to register as a Humane-Biz SME each year?

The United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights require that the human rights due diligence process be carried out on an ongoing basis, with phases such as the Impact Assessment and Management Report to be conducted every year. Therefore, registration as a Humane-Biz SME/Supplier must be done every year, in order to renew the Emblem that demonstrates that the due diligence process continues to be permanently updated as required by international and national regulatory standards.


However, we grant our Humane-Biz SMEs and Suppliers a significant discount for the renewal of their registration in the years following the first year due to their advanced status in the due diligence process. 


This will give the company access to our exclusive material on a permanent basis.


One of our commitments is to be permanently updating our toolkit for companies, taking into consideration that the area of human rights and sustainability is evolving rapidly, thus providing our Humane-Biz Companies with instruments that are up to date with the state of the art and science in the field. 

Investment per Month Humane-Biz Business Program

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