Get your Humane-Biz Sponsor Company Emblem

How do I earn my Humane-Biz Human Rights Sponsor Emblem?

The Humane-Biz Human Rights Sponsor Emblem is obtained by enrolling in the Sponsor Company Program.


For one year, it can be used by the company on its social networks, websites and products to demonstrate to its stakeholders its commitment to the promotion of human rights within its value chain and to the empowerment of its SMEs and business partners.


The Emblem may be renewed annually, and the company may opt to obtain the Elite Sponsor Company Emblem by financing a percentage of the investment made by its sponsored companies in their SME and Supplier Programs.


For more information on how to become an Elite Sponsor Company and earn the Gold, Silver or Bronze Emblem, click below. 

Demonstrate your commitment as a human rights promoter.

Become a Humane-Biz Sponsor Company!

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