The Humane-Biz Human Rights Commitment Emblem

Companies that within the one-year membership period satisfactorily submit the deliverables of each of the Implementation Phases of the Due Diligence Process, and maintain an active status within our platform, will obtain the Humane-Biz Human Rights Commitment Emblem, which can be used for a full year on their social networks, websites and products, thus demonstrating their commitment to respect and manage human rights risks according to the highest international standards in human rights and business to their stakeholders, including buyers, customers, investors and banks.

Likewise, companies will be entered for the annuity in our Humane-Biz SMEs and Suppliers database (if authorized), which will be shared with national and foreign purchasing companies that request it.

To obtain and maintain their Emblem, companies must maintain a status for the entirety of their duration as an active Humane-Biz Company on our portal. 

Demonstrate your commitment to respect human rights.

Become a Humane-Biz Company!

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